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WATERSCAPES - Tidepools series, as the title states, represents an ever-changing fluid eco-world that is filled with life. I can not help but reflect upon these tiny systems, a microcosm of the larger cycle of life that which sustains me. These works have been inspired by my walks along the Connecticut and New York Sound. I am moved to awe and wonder as the tide pool reflects the sky, seeing the birds above and creatures below interacting as if they actually were. The fluid dynamics of the water, the pull of the tides by the moon, the swirls of wind and the changes of the atmosphere which surrounds me becomes my muse. Aquaessense is a material and method using hand-mixed pigments in a water-based acrylic gouache with some works having metallic and/or mica particles.  View Tidepools Petites here.

Click images for full view and description in a slide presentation.

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